Were you diagnosed with COVID-19?
Do you want to stay out of the hospital?
Are you having the typical symptoms of shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, feeling weak and sluggish?
There are actions you can take to stay healthy and to stay home!

Using the methods developed by Chaim Backman, Physical Therapist, you can achieve your goal to stay healthy and at home.

COVID-19 Diagnosis

Acute steps to take once diagnosed with COVID-19.

Post COVID-19

Long term rehab care for post COVID-19 Rehab.



Learn the proven techniques which are detailed in this easy to use E-Book, complete with demonstration videos and worksheets.

Helping You Get Your Life Back

Rehab Services

COVID-19 Rehab

Home set-up

Post-Surgical / Hospital


Chaim offers online telehealth visits to patients and their loved ones anywhere in the world via telehealth. By means of a live, interactive session, Chaim is able to teach and guide his patients as they actually perform the needed breathing and body exercises to keep them healthy and out of the hospital. 

Phone Consultations

Chaim is available for phone consultations regarding all aspects of the rehab cycle. This can include:

  • What is an appropriate in-hospital level of rehab care
  • Can my loved one tolerate a higher level of rehab
  • What is a safe home discharge plan
  • Do I need to send the patient to a rehab center or can they come home.
  • Home set-up for safety and convenience

In-Home Rehab

Chaim is available for in-home personal treatment sessions. Most commonly; this is for local clients who need some short-term personal treatment sessions.   

For those needing more intensive care or living out of the NYC area, Chaim has pioneered and developed an in-home comprehensive rehab program, which is designed to help the client return to their prior level of function. This is for patients who want to go straight home after a lengthy and difficult hospital stay. In such cases, Chaim will actually stay on site for the first week (or as needed) and kickstart the rehab process. He will work closely with the client’s private physician to oversee all facets of the care. By staying on site, Chaim can  direct the caregivers in order to make sure that the main emphasis is to rehab the patient as quickly as possible.

This intensive on the scene level of care is available at any location. 

Please call or email for more details.


Chaim is available for radio, newsprint and podcast interviews about:
  • Rehab during and after a hospital stay
  • Discharge planning from a hospital or rehab center
  • Home vs in-patient rehab center placement
  • What to do once diagnosed with Covid-19
  • Recovering after a Covid-19 diagnosis
  • Emotional and physical challenges for patients and their caregivers.

Helping You Get Your Life Back

About Chaim

Physical Therapist

Chaim Backman graduated from Hunter College Physical Therapy program in 1996. He worked briefly at Maimonides Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, where he specialized in working with post cardiac surgery patients. He soon opened his own private practice in Crown Heights, Brooklyn in 1998. He worked as the community physical therapist, doing both office visits, as well as home visits for those too sick to come to the office. Over recent years, the trend in health care is to discharge a patient home sooner then ever before. These patients tended to be quite weak and deconditioned. To meet these new challenges, Chaim designed and developed an intensive in-home rehab system that can be used for any type of post-hospital discharge. This has proven to help restore such patients to their prior level of function.

Over the past several years, Chaim has specialized in the private care of seriously ill and sick homebound patients, including those on ventilators and other types of life support equipment.

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